Al-Walaa Publications

“Walaa” is an Arabic word that means loyalty, commitment, or allegiance. The term “Al-Walaa” is the definite form of the word “Walaa” and refers to a Muslim’s loyalty, commitment, and allegiance to what the Creator loves. Hence, the company name “Al-Walaa Publications” represents the company’s commitment to publishing works that demonstrate loyalty and commitment to a lifestyle that is pleasing to the Creator.

When, where, and why was Al-Walaa Publications founded?
Al-Walaa Publications was founded in College Park, Maryland (USA), in 2001 for the purpose of publishing quality Islamic fiction.

Why are all your books written by the author Umm Zakiyyah?
As Umm Zakiyyah’s books were the impetus for the founding of the company, the company currently publishes only her titles. However, Al-Walaa Publications hopes to publish other authors’ work in the future.

Are your books for only Muslims?
Our books are for fiction readers of all faiths, nationalities, cultures, and interests. The books are read and used in secular and Islamic organizations, schools, and universities worldwide. Secular and non-Islamic institutions often utilize the books for multicultural studies, and non-Muslim readers who value learning about other cultures and faiths are amongst our most popular readers. The books have also been instrumental in inspiring non-Muslims to accept Islam or to view Islam in a more positive light.

I am looking for books for da’wah (teaching others about Islam). Do you recommend your publications for this purpose?
Yes, one of the primary purposes of our publications is for da’wah.

I am Muslim and looking for clean fiction for myself and my teenage children. Do you recommend your publications for this purpose?
Yes, absolutely. All of our publications adhere to the requirements of Islamic fiction. However, all of our books are novels and thus address serious issues faced by adults of all ages; therefore, Muslim parents should read the books themselves to ensure that they are appropriate for their young adult children.

I am a writer. May I send Al-Walaa my manuscript to consider for publication?
Currently, Al-Walaa Publications is not accepting manuscripts for publication. If you are a writer of Islamic fiction, visit the website for Muslim Writers Publishing for information about submitting your manuscript for publication.

I am not in America. Where and how can I purchase your books?
The books are available for order online and at select bookstores worldwide. Visit your closest major book retailer of English titles and request the books. Most major bookstores can order the books even if they are not in stock and even if they are not normally carried by the retailer. Visit our order page for more information.

How do I place a wholesale order or obtain a discount on multiple copies the books?
Discounted orders are available for book retailers, stores, schools, book clubs, and professional organizations. E-mail us for more information or to place an order.

Do you provide complimentary copies of the book?
A single complimentary copy of any of our titles is available upon request to schools, professional organizations, magazines, newspapers, and other entities interested in reviewing or using the books. Complimentary copies are not available to individual readers. Requests are fulfilled based on title availability and company approval. E-mail us for more information.

Have your books been translated into other languages?
If I Should Speak has been translated into Indonesian, and the German and Spanish translations of the title are scheduled for official release in summer 2011.

Who is Umm Zakiyyah?
Meet Umm Zakiyyah and read her biography by joining her Facebook page or by visiting or

Is Umm Zakiyyah available for interviews or speaking engagements?
To contact the author for interviews or speaking engagements, write to or visit or

I would like to contact Umm Zakiyyah directly. How may I contact her?
To contact the author directly, join her Facebook page or write to Also visit or